Honors Invitation Decision

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Honors students pay the same tuition as non-honors students, but have two additional Honors College fees that are added to your tuition and fees. The Honors Experiential Enrichment Fee is $240 and the Honors College Program charge is $100. The total fee of $340 each Fall and Spring semester provides students with their Honors benefits.

Honors students must complete The Honors Experience (T.H.E.), an experience-based, highly customized curriculum to fit each student’s individual goals. Our curriculum (7 total credit hours) allows students the flexibility of graduating with honors without adding significant additional credits to the degree. Students will also complete a set of signature experiences that can take place in or outside of the classroom.

As a first-year freshman in the UTSA Honors College, you will live and study with other Honors students in Guadalupe Hall in a supportive, close-knit community designed to help you succeed. In compliance with the Honors Residential College, the first-year student housing requirement is a condition of enrollment in the Honors College. Failure to secure housing in Guadalupe Hall or an exemption from the requirement will result in cancellation of your Honors College acceptance and any Honors Residential College scholarships awarded. Because of unforeseen changes in a student’s circumstances due to illness, other personal reasons, or late acceptance to the university, exemptions are considered on a rolling basis prior to the start of the contract period. Authorization for off-campus housing does not relieve the student of contractual obligations which may have been assumed with UTSA Housing.

Please note you do not qualify for an exemption. Please complete the UTSA Housing application to secure accommodations in Guadalupe Hall. If you have questions, please email honorsadmissions@utsa.edu.
The application for exemption will be emailed to you. Please note appropriate documentation will need to be provided.